Non-Cheesy Professional DJs For All Occasions

If you want your DJ to play the "Chicken Dance" during your wedding, we are not the DJs for you. Dennis Blaze, Owner & DJ


What We Do

You have a thousand other things to worry about...

Let us handle the music and we'll paint an awesome audio picture for your event and your guests. We take pride in delivering the best sound and lighting possible along with top-notch music programming to make everybody get on the dancefloor. We do not use pre-determined playlists -- we read the crowd and base our selections on what we see. This is made possible by being in the mobile DJ business since 1997.

Why Choose Us

We Have the Experience

We've been providing quality sound and lighting packages since 1997. We've learned that experience can't be bought -- only earned.

No Cheese Policy

We've deleted The Chicken Dance from our library along with other corny tracks. There are other songs to make people move and groove -- a lot more.

Music Is Our Passion

Our DJs work at a local radio station and interact with major and independent artists everyday. Music is their daytime 9-5. They DJ events on week nights and weekends.

Industry-Standard Equipment

We may have been in business since 1997 but our equipment is updated and upgraded every year. We only use professional-grade sound and lighting equipment.

We always hope we have a good time without any snags everytime we DJ an event but in case something happens, we're insured for up to a million dollars.

Connect With Us

Need a quote? Got any questions? We're here to help. Send us an email here.

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